This online facebook group is a safe space for women to land and share their stories * if that feels helpful* in a SAFE and contained way. I will be checking in and supporting members as needed but the real goal here is create a peer support group that is run in a safe and therapeutic manner. One of the first things I suggest to anyone who has experienced trauma is to build up your support network. Connect with others who can hold space for you, understand and can relate through shared experiences. So that is what this group will be about. *I will need to approve each member to make sure this group is a safe fit for where you are at in your healing journey so CHECK your hidden “other messages box”. See you on the inside! 

* Please feel free to share this group with anyone you know as I would love to grow this community of support. I look forward to connecting with you all. 💞

* I am using the word women with the assumption that the majority of you identify that way but please note this group is open to all genders of birthing people. *