This package is for you if:

*You have recently had a traumatic birth and would like some one on one support in your home to help you, your baby and your partner process and release the experience. * The sooner after the birth the better.*

*You would like to experience a rebirth *a do over* in a gentle and peaceful way.

* You want to reconnect with your baby and start the bonding process, this can also help with any breastfeeding issues you may be experiencing.

* You want to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner so you can grow stronger as a couple from this experience.

*You want to allow space to hear your partner’s experience of your child’s birth and how they were affected by what happened to you and babe.

This package includes:

* One, approximately 4 hour session with me in your home.

* Reiki to rebalance and release trauma for babe, mom and partner.

* Release, a special Reiki infused healing mist charged under the full moon, created specifically to aid in healing for your mind, body and spirit.

* Facilitation for sharing your stories and feelings with each other in a safe setting that I will create for you.

* A rebirthing ceremony to help reset and release the experience of your traumatic birth (candles and coconut milk bath included).

* Breastfeeding support and recommendations for ongoing support if needed.

milk bath
A relaxing, warm coconut milk bath for mama & babe 💜

If this sounds like something that would be helpful for you…

Please contact me directly and I will do my best to fit you in as soon as I can 💜

(204) 797-2104 ( call or text)

Invest in your healing for  $499

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*Packages and pricing subject to change without notice*