Heal Your Birth History So You Are Able To Confidently Support Women To Have Empowered and Healing Births  

First of all I would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the work you do supporting women in birth in whatever capacity that may be! In my eyes birth work is one of the most important helping professions there is because how we enter this world is foundational to how we experience life as we grow. As these baby souls journey earth side they are imprinted with their mothers beliefs, feelings, and sensations which means  your role is of utmost importance in helping support mom to be a clear vessel of trust.

 Why as a birth worker is it so important that I do this work?

OK so here’s the deal,  birth trauma is passed down through the generations until it is healed. Whoa! Take a minute to really take that in…..If your grandmother was fearful of birth and/or had a traumatic birth she passed that on to your mom and if your mom didn’t address and heal those fears they were passed on to you and so on. So first and foremost we want to heal and clear this trauma for your well being! The magnitude of this is BIG!

Aaaand that’s not all..Let’s take this a step further. When you are supporting a birthing mother her nervous system mirrors yours so if you are carrying unresolved feelings around birth ( often unconsciously) you could be unknowingly passing on those fears to the mama you are supporting. This happens ALL THE TIME in birth. Every person in the birthing room has an impact on the mama and baby as they labour and birth.

Oh and one more thing! You ready? It’s pretty major. When we are born into fear we are wired to believe that this world isn’t safe, we are wired to be on high alert and that can lead to a variety of societal issues such as the rampant diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, attachment  disorders, depression, and anxiety that are wreaking havoc on families and really, most of the western world.

Wow, right?

Ok so this package is for you if:

*You are open to deeply connecting with your intuition and innate birthing wisdom as a wise women.

*You are ready to break the cycle and clear generational birth trauma from your own birth, your mother, and even your grandmothers birth so the generations to come in your lineage will be born FREE from this ingrained fear  *Don’t worry, you don’t need to know the details of those births for this to work*

*You are a birth worker who wants to support your clients to the best of your ability, modelling what it looks like to truly trust birth because you have done the deep inner work and now deeply trust the bodies innate birthing wisdom. 

* When a birth you are attending does not go as planned, you want to learn how to  protect yourself from experiencing vicarious trauma so you can provide uninterrupted ongoing support for your client.

*You are ready to take your birth support to the next level helping women to not just power through birth hoping for the best but move into having conscious, empowered and healing birth experiences! Which by the way, is then passed down to their children and their children’s children!!!! Just like we can pass on fear, we can pass on trust and love for birth and our magnificent bodies!

 Here’s what’s included:

~ 3 – 90 minute sessions with me which incorporate a combination of talk and energy therapies.

~ Psycho-education about trauma and how it impacts your work as a birth supporter and your life in general. By the way this is valuable information you can pass on to your clients!

~ Healing and clearing generational birth trauma.

~ Bringing to light and clearing any limiting beliefs you may have around birth.

~ If you have children we will debrief your birth experience(s) as needed.

~ I will teach you a simple meditation technique to clear birth trauma that you can use with your clients to help them better prepare for birth!

~ We will debrief any challenging births you have attended that have stuck with you.

~ You will develop a self-care ritual to use before and after birth to keep your energy field clear no matter what sort of birth experience you have held space for.

Sound amazing? Are you ready to commit to healing this world one birth at a time?!!!!

If so, let’s get started!


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