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This package is for you if you are:

*Struggling in your day-to-day life due to the effects of trauma.

*Experiencing flashbacks and or dissociating on a regular basis.

*Wanting to improve the quality of your life and find some balance.

*Considering suicide.


 This package includes:

 TWO – 90 minute healing sessions with me in person or on online by secure video.

Trauma education; Why you are feeling this way and what in the world is happening to you.

 Tools to help you reclaim your body & improve the quality of your life.

Reiki to help promote deep relaxation, aiding the body to release stress, tension and trauma.

Chakra Balancing to promote health and a sense of well-being.

Release; a special Reiki infused healing mist charged under the full moon, created specifically to aid in healing for your mind-body and spirit.

Sacred Healing bath salts; A special Reiki infused blend of salt, healing crystals and flowers, charged under the full moon!!

✨Sacred Healing Journal; a place to document your raw uncensored feelings.

 Free Bonuses

$100 Value!!

✨A special crystal chosen for you to help you feel grounded.

A prescription for self care; a guide to help you write yourself the perfect healing prescription for your situation.

 An angel card reading (built into one of your sessions) that will bring you a sense of peace & safety.

✨ ✨ Safe space meditation- create a safe space where you can relax and heal.


Invest this time into your self care & well-being for 


SAVE $100

✨Invest now

⭐️Please review my policies on confidentially and electronic consent as well as my waiver form before purchasing a package here! ⭐️

 *Packages and pricing subject to change without notice*

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