Why I’m So Passionate About  Conscious Conception & Healing Birth 

Did you know? 

✧If you were born in a traumatic way you have a higher chance of struggling to conceive AND a higher chance of having a pregnancy loss or traumatic experience when birthing your own child if you have not healed from that initial experience. It’s ALL connected!


✧ Approximately 15% of couples struggle with trying to conceive or sustain a pregnancy.

✧Our medical systems use very disempowering language that leave women feeling as though a diagnosis of “infertility” is hopeless with little chance of success without outside intervention.

✧The allopathic approach leaves women feeling as though they have no control over the conception process and leaves them feeling disconnected from their own innate feminine guidance system.

✧Pregnancy loss is a very common occurrence with a disempowering belief system attached to it that tells women it is often a mystery as to why it occurs. This  common belief often leaves women feeling lost, broken and powerless.


✧ 1 in 3 women report having a stressful birth experience and exhibit 3 or more trauma symptoms.

✧Sadly our society believes and reinforces the idea that birth should be handled as a “medical emergency”. Given that this is the norm, women are often left questioning themselves, confused as to why they are feeling unsettled about their birth experience when on all accounts it was considered “normal”.

✧These societal belief systems leave many women feeling as though they cannot trust their bodies, their babies or the birthing process. They feel disconnected from their innate birthing wisdom due to the explicit messages they are bombarded with that tell us birth is not safe.

My Beliefs

✨I believe that if you are having issues with fertility or sustaining a pregnancy there are imbalances within the physical and emotional bodies that are asking for your attention. There is much that can be done to connect with your intuition, body and soul baby. There is always hope!

✨I believe birth is a beautiful, natural process that can be trusted.

✨I believe that if you are feeling sad, angry, or disappointed about your  conception, pregnancy or birth  experience YOU DESERVE to do this work, your feelings are valid.

✨I believe healing from a difficult conception, loss or childbirth experience is possible no matter how much time has passed.

✨I believe that as you heal from your experience, the quality
of your life will improve.

✨I believe that healing your conception, loss or birth experience will help to positively influence how your future children and grandchildren experience conception, loss and birth. 

✨I believe you are brave enough and strong enough to do this work.

✨I believe in You and your ability to heal.✨

My Vision

I envision a world where our voices as women are heard, validated and our concerns acknowledged. A world where our future daughters and grand babies  have informed, peaceful and empowering conception, pregnancy & birth experiences.

✨I believe this world is possible✨

My Vow To You

I am committed to creating a safe space for you to do this work.

I am committed to standing beside you, supporting you and
guiding you.

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