Hear what my clients have to share about our work together…

“Therapy with Sarah is unlike anything I have experienced before, she is warm and created such a safe space for me to heal. I always left sessions feeling empowered, lighter, full of hope and peaceful.”~Therapy Client

“Thank you for offering reiki as part of your services. I have never felt so relaxed and at peace and connected to my intuition as I do after my time with you. You have helped me to understand myself in such a deep way and have taught me to have compassion for myself.” ~
Therapy Client 

“Thank you for your guidance as I mourned the loss of my baby. Your gental guidance opened up my mind to the spiritual side of loss and helped me to better connect with my grief but also with hope for the future. I am now happily pregnant and so grateful for your support.” ~ Therapy Client

“I had been through so many fertility treatments and had almost given up hope when we started to work together. Within 3 months I was pregnant and had done so much life changing work on myself I didn’t even know was needed. Thank you!” ~ Therapy Client 

“The Heal After A Difficult Birth Program has been transformative for me. Having experienced birth trauma with my first birth, and subsequent PPA, I discovered Sarah and her incredible services when I found myself expecting my second child. With her gentle, respectful guidance, abundance of resources & tools, and the well thought-out journal & meditation exercises, I was able to not only experience true healing from my first birth, but also to connect with my second pregnancy in such a deep and meaningful way. If you think you’ve experienced a challenging birth, and that’s just ‘how it’s supposed to be’, please know that you are entitled to healing and it can be achieved! This is the BEST place to start.” ~Therapy Client

Before I came to see you I had full blown ptsd and postpartum depression that was not going away. I felt like I was stuck and nothing that I was doing was working. I felt very hesitant and resistant but I’m so glad that I said yes. I feel this program has been life saving. I have deep connections with my husband and my baby. The trauma made it hard to connect with them. I do not have any nightmares anymore and my anxiety has decreased. I am hopeful for my future. I would recommend this program to anyone that is suffering from birth trauma or is just having a hard time coming to terms with what happened during their birth. You can feel whole again and you can come to a place where you move past the trauma. I would recommend Sarah because she is kind and holds such a beautiful safe space for healing. She also integrated the family. My husband and her talked and that was hugely beneficial for him as well. Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. ~ Therapy Client

It was nice to not feel alone anymore. I was able to tell my story which i don’t normally do and it was a new experience for me to feel heard. This retreat was  the start to my healing. ~ Birth Trauma Retreat Participant

I learned that what happened to me was not ok and I am not alone.  ~ Birth Trauma Retreat Participant

Your birth trauma retreat  helped me to connect with other moms and realize I was not alone. I learned the importance of self care and new alternative therapies I had never experienced before. It was wonderful to have time to journal and do yoga, I was reminded of how good self care can feel.  It was a wonderful, relaxing, healing experience, a great step towards remembering to take care of me .  ~ Birth Trauma Retreat Participant

The retreat was a great first  therapy /healing experience for me. I was reminded that I deserve to do this work for me and the importance of self care.  I loved all the resources you provided for us. I had no idea there were so many wonderful local resources available. Thank you!  ~ Birth Trauma Retreat Participant

I feel empowered to share my story now not only about my birth experience but about my struggles as a mom as well. I am very glad I went.  ~ Birth Trauma Retreat Participant

Sarah supports mom’s in a vital and life-affirming way – she is a gifted healer, one that that even dad’s like me can learn from too!” ~ Lindsey Walsh MMFT -Therapist and Owner at Pear Tree Family Therapy

“Sarah and her Birth Trauma program were instrumental in my journey toward healing and empowerment in my second pregnancy. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also truly dedicated and passionate about healing. Her programs are perfectly designed to gently guide you down the path to healing, and her support is unwavering. We are truly grateful for having her as part of our journey. Thank you Sarah!”  ~ Therapy Client

“Sarah is so kind, thoughtful, compassionate, and an amazing listener, and so insightful. I don’t know where I would be without all your help and support. Thank you for everything that you do! ~ Therapy Client

Your ability to heal comes from TRUSTING it is possible!

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