Yoga For Trauma Recovery


Yoga has the ability to connect us to every level of our being, mind, body and spirit. It is a powerful and effective modality for people who have experienced trauma to relearn how to  inhabit their bodies safely, calm their minds, experience emotions directly, and begin to feel a sense of strength and control. This practice empowers you to play the primary role in your own healing process.

Trauma disrupts the nervous system which can lead to a variety of symptoms such as anxiety, anger, irritability, restlessness, depression, dissociation, lethargy,  and fatigue to name a few.  Yoga postures can help to stimulate, soothe, and balance the nervous system which helps to relieve these symptoms.

Someone who has experienced trauma stores those memories not only in their mind but in their body at a cellular level as well. So when we begin a yoga practice as part of a trauma protocol we are learning how to connect and listen to our inner guidance as well as feel safe and strong in our bodies again. We are also working on strengthening both energetic and physical boundaries around our bodies.

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