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Cozy up in a special place at home & work at your own pace!

This package is for you if you are:

*Interested in working at your own pace but would like some guidance as to where you need to start and the steps you need to take to process and heal from your challenging child birth experience.

*Ready to improve the relationships that mean the most to you that may have fell to the wayside since your birth experience.

*Ready to feel joy and peace in your day to day life again.

*Ready to connect with your babe ( no matter how old they are) in a deeper way without all of the hurt and heart ache that comes from your birth memories.

*Ready to better understand and make meaning of why you had a challenging birth experience.

*  Ready to invest in your emotional and physical health through self care as an act of self love


This package includes:

The rundown on what trauma is and how it affects your body and your life. You may be surprised to see that many symptoms you have been experiencing can be tied to your experience.

✨How to Stop Flashbacks and Recurring Thoughts in 5 Simple Steps

✨ Weekly journal exerercises for self-reflection and self-discovery. These exercises will help guide you to pinpoint what about your experience is still bothering you, how this is impacting your life currently and how you can heal and move forward.

✨A variety of guided meditations to help you deeply relax and connect to your inner wisdom in an empowering way that facilitates deep emotional and physical healing. *Don’t worry no experience is necessary!*

Trauma sensitive strengthening yoga video to help you reconnect with your strength and vitality and learn how to recreate those energetic and physical boundaries that may have been breached during your experience.

Trauma sensitive restorative yoga to help you and your body learn how to deeply relax so you can rest and repair.

*no yoga experience necessary*


 Free Bonuses

$150 Value!!

A prescription for self care; a DIY guide to help you write yourself the perfect healing prescription for your situation.

An EFT tapping sequence that will help you release trauma. This is a beautiful and simple technique that can be added to your self care routine.

✨✨Template for Making a Formal Medical Complaint

✨✨Lifetime access to your package INCLUDING any updates I add in the future!!!


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