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How to find me for your first session!

My cozy little office is located in the Winnipeg Conservatory of Music building at 1476 Portage Ave ( I am across from Polo Park mall, Earls, and the Clarion. Take an immediate right turn after the blinds are beautiful sign!). There is free parking in the front and the back of the building with the main entrance through the door on the far left at the front of the building. *Look for the door with the Sarah Picken sign in the window.* Walk straight through to the stairs enter the code I will provide you and make yourself comfortable in the seating area on the second floor.


Wait, what if we are meeting online? 

If we are meeting online, make yourself comfy at home and log into my waiting room!

1476 Portage Ave

Winnipeg, MB

(204) 797-2104 ** call or text **