Are you feeling ready to heal from your challenging experience? Let’s decide if one of my birth healing packages, individual therapy or energy healing sessions will be a good fit for you! 

“Emotions are energy. Repressed emotions block our energy, exhausting us and making us sick. Whatever is repressed will find a way to be expressed.”

So what do I offer?

  • Individual trauma informed therapy sessions, energy healing sessions or a combination of both with a speciality in women’s trauma, pregnancy loss and challenges around infertility .*If you are interested in individual sessions please click here.*  
  • A variety of birth healing services to suit your needs for whatever point you are at in your healing journey and for whatever level of investment feels the best for you. If this interests you continue scrolling down! 

Let’s Work Together If You:

 Want to feel better because being overwhelmed and bursting into tears isn’t how you imagined your post partum would be

✨ Are struggling because your babies birth felt like a painful nightmare

✨ Feel ashamed that you can’t cope like all the other new moms on social media who are killin it with their tidy homes, happy babies and perfect hair

Are tired of and maybe even dread when people ask about your birth because you don’t know what to say         

✨ Are struggling to physically heal and adjust to your new body

✨ Feel like nobody listened or understood what you wanted or needed during birth

✨Are confused about why YOU JUST CAN’T  be happy because at least you have a healthy baby… right?

**Psst Spoiler Alert**  Wrong! You matter too!!

Are you:

✨ Interested in a holistic form of healing that incorporates your mind, body and spirit?

Wanting to have a deeper bond with your baby that isn’t overshadowed by negative emotions, guilt or regret because you didn’t have the birth you dreamed of or hoped for?

✨ Wanting to bring your new baby to sessions so you can bond and heal from your experience together if needed?

✨ Wanting to connect with someone who has experienced  and healed from birth trauma who has personal as well as professional insight to share?

✨Willing to invest time into your healing and believe you are worth the investment?

Ready to nurture yourself with self-care, compassion and START FEELING BETTER?!

If any of this sounds like you…

Check out my programs and see which one resonate with you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me.


A Sacred Healing Signature Program

*Heal From A Difficult Birth : Finding Peace & Joy In The 4th Trimester (includes online or in person therapy sessions)

 *DIY* Heal From A Difficult Birth : Finding Peace & Joy In The 4th Trimester

Specialty Programs 

*Restoring Balance Healing Program

*Fresh Start IN HOME Healing Program

* Group retreats

*All programs are offered in person or online (excluding the fresh start package & group retreats which are in person only) *




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