I’m sorry, but I am unable to cancel your appointment at this time. Please contact Sarah ASAP to let her know you will not be attending. Call or text 204-797-2104.

Please review the cancellation policy below for more information.

Cancellation Policy:

A cancelled appointment slows down our work together. When you must cancel, please provide me with  at least 48 hours notice. Since alternative bookings are unlikely at such short notice, cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will mean you forfeit your prepaid session. The only time I will waive this fee is in the event of sudden illness or emergency. * If this is the case please contact me here and let me know.*

You can rebook your session here at my regular rate as follows:

90 minute session $ 150

75 minute Session $125

60 minute session $100

Thank you for understanding!


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